Freedom of Chichester for astronaut Tim Peake

Freedom of Chichester for Major Tim Credit: ITV

Chichester City Council has voted to confer the Freedom of the City upon astronaut Tim Peake

The council will now be sending a message to Major Peake via the European Space Agency to ask if he will accept the honour when he returns from his six month mission on the International Space Station.

Tim Peake was born in Chichester and attended the city's High School for Boys, which has named its science centre after him. He was also a member of the local air training corps during his formative years in the City. His parents live just outside the City.

He is the first British born European Space Agency astronaut, and in January became the first Briton to take part in a space walk.

The Freedom of Chichester is an honour that was adopted by Chichester in 1901 but has its early origins in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.