Four kittens...with a birthday every four years

Four - it's a magic number Credit: RSPCA

Four kittens have been born at an RSPCA centre on 'leap day' - meaning they'll all celebrate their birthday once every four years.

The kittens are the first to be born this year at RSPCA Millbrook this year - marking the start of kitten season.

They have all been named after things that come in fours - Clover (four leaf clover), Olympia (Olympics), April (fourth month) and summer (one of the four seasons).

The unwanted kittens are still too young to be rehomed and will stay at the centre, which took in 200 cats last year, until they are old enough to be adopted.

The cats are at a centre in Chobham, Surrey Credit: RSPCA

These kittens are very special - our first newborns of the year and born on a leap year. However there is a serious message behind these unwanted kittens - please get your cats spayed

– Liz Wood, deputy centre manager