Army offers helping hand to unemployed young people in the South

Armed Forces Employability Programme Credit: Army MoD

Unemployed young people in Hampshire are being given a chance to change their lives with the help of the army. In the pilot scheme, the Armed Forces Employability Programme, helps those who struggle to find a job secure work. They'll be put through military skills training, a week at college and a months placement with a local business.

The army is working in conjunction with the Department for Work, with the aim to build the young person's confidence, self-esteem and general employability.

Among those taking part in the scheme in Southampton is 29 year old Tasha who has spent time in prison. She is now undertaking a week's education at Brockenhurst College before completing the programme with a month working at South Coast Port Services within Southampton Docks. She said "I have been struggling to get a job for years as I don't hold any qualifications and I would say that this is the best thing I've done. The programme has opened my eyes, they've been shut for too long."