£250,000 grant to help children with rare blood disorder

Haemophilia Centre to study research about children with the condition

The Kent and Canterbury Hospital has received a £250,000 grant for research into a rare inherited blood disease.

The Haemophilia Centre at the hospital treats more than 500 people from across Kent. It is hoped that the study which begins in April will help improve life for children with the condition. The money has come from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

The study will be the first ever randomised clinical trial of its type for physiotherapy intervention in children with haemophilia. The work will look at establishing links between exercise, weak muscles and joint damage caused by bleeding in children with the condition.

"We are pleased that the importance of this study has been recognised. We believe it will provide us with valuable knowledge about this condition which will benefit haemophilia patients in the future. We are also delighted that the NIHR recognised that our centre has the expertise to carry this piece of work forward."

– David Stephensen, Physiotherapist, East Kent Hospitals' Trust