Archaeologists hoping to uncover King's burial site

The ruins at Reading Abbey Credit: ITV News Meridian

An archaeological project in Berkshire will be aiming to uncover a King's burial site.

The 'Hidden Abbey Project' will try to discover the extent and significance of Reading's Royal Abbey, founded by King Henry I in 1121. The Abbey was his final resting place, alongside his Queen Adeliza.

Archaeologists will use a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to find the boundaries of the Abbey Church. They will also try to discover areas for more investigation, including the High Altar where Henry was buried, the Ambulatory and the Lady Chapel.

Remarkably, this will be the first time the Abbey Ruins have undergone a comprehensive and recorded archaeological survey for over 150 years.

We know that Henry I was buried in the royal Abbey that he founded in Reading. We hope to show the lavish scale of what, in the Middle Ages, was one of the major Benedictine Abbeys in western Europe, and a regular place for royal visits and events.

This project has the potential to bring huge cultural, historical and economic benefits to the Abbey Quarter and the town as a whole."

– Cllr Sarah Hacker, Mayor of Reading