Sunlight reflecting on magnifying glass starts fire in Wiltshire

Sunlight reflected on a magnifying glass is believed to have started a fire in Wiltshire. It broke out in the living room of a house in Pewsey after intially setting fire to the cutains

Three dogs were rescued from the house in Bramley Road. Neighbours alerted the fire service after hearing the smoke alarm sounding. Two crews attended, from Pewsey and Marlborough.

Station Manager Mike Bagnall said: “The prompt actions of the neighbour in raising the alarm meant that crews were able to save the family pets and also prevent the fire from spreading beyond the living room. Had the smoke alarm not been working, the outcome could have been much different. This is the second incident in a week that I’ve attended where the fire has started because of reflected sunlight. Where you have a mirror or any other glass object, such as an ornament, that is curved, this allows the glass to act as a lens. When the sunlight hits it, it becomes concentrated and, if the rays are bounced onto something flammable - such as curtains or soft furnishings - then a fire can start. It does depend on the angle of the sun, but any mirror or glass ornament with a curve in it should never be left on a windowsill or by a window.”