More support for missing children on return home

The Missing People service gives children the opportunity to talk to an independent person Credit: East Sussex County Council

A new Sussex-wide service to support missing children and their families has been launched.

It's a partnership between East and West Sussex councils along with Brighton and Hove. The charity "Missing People" will provide the service, offering vital support to young people and their parents, when the child returns home.

They say the service will run seven days a week so no child will have to wait more than a day after referral to speak to someone.

The charity is delighted to be extending its lifeline when someone disappears in Sussex. We'll be here to offer any child who has been missing a safe space to talk about their worries or troubles.

Our team of staff and volunteers will contact children, parents and carers within a day or two of the returning to home or care. Supported by our 24/7 Runaway Helpline, we'll be able to support any child at any time of the day or night.”

– Karen Robinson, Director of Development and Partnerships, Missing People
The new Missing People service will support children who go missing across Sussex Credit: East Sussex County Council