Ex-MEP jailed for 4 years for £100,000 expenses fraud

A former MEP for the South East, Peter Skinner, has been jailed for four years after being investigated following allegations he had falsely claimed some of his £480,000 of expenses while in office. The prosecutor told the court the total lost to the European Parliament was £132,434.02.

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Ex-MEP jailed for £100k expenses fraud showed "huge greed... and no remorse"

Ex-MEP for the south east, Peter Skinner, jailed for fraud

A former Labour MEP for the South East, Peter Skinner, is behind bars tonight after being jailed for four years for fraudulently claiming expenses of more than £100,000.

Skinner had been a Euro-MP for more than 20 years. The judge said the former politician had shown "huge greed ... no remorse .. and tried to blame others" for his web of deceit, and that in doing so, he had destroyed his own reputation and damaged politics too. John Ryall sent this report from Southwark Crown Court.

Some of the footage is from the European Parliament.

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