Family of ducks reunited after storm drain drama

Credit: RSPCA

Two ducklings that were stuck in a storm drain have been reunited with their mother and the rest of the brood after the RSPCA and firefighters joined forces to rescue them.

A member of the public found that the family of ducklings had fallen down the storm drain in Sunnyside Gardens, in Sandwich. After pulling three ducklings free from the drain the member of the public could hear more further down the pipes and called the RSPCA for help.

You could hear the ducklings calling but there was no way to get to them. I contacted Kent Fire and Rescue Service who attended and suggested if they could run their hose one end, then I could get the duckling with my net the other end. It all worked really well and out popped two ducklings.

To top it all off the mother duck came out of the bushes calling for them. After giving them a quick check over and making sure they were okay, I released them back to mum who took them off to their nest. All the ducklings were reunited and it was a lovely happy ending!

– RSPCA Insp Deborah Pert