TV documentary recreates Kent's worst ever crash

Kent's emergency services and ITV have joined forces to recreate the Sheppey Crossing crash for a one-off documentary. Miraculously, nobody died when over 100 vehicles crashed on the bridge in September 2013. 'Crash: Anatomy of an Accident' airs tonight at 9pm.

September 2013 Credit: PA

It's known as one of the UK's worst ever road crashes. Cars, lorries, vans and motorbikes crashed in thick fog on the 100ft high bridge and the crash site covered around a mile. More than 300 people were caught up in the incident; many were left with life threatening injuries.

The programme is incredibly real and reflective of what happened on that September day. We felt it would be an ideal opportunity to demonstrate that any one of us can get caught up in an accident on the roads, the consequences of what can happen, but more importantly how incidents of this nature can be prevented.

All of Kent's emergency services worked extremely hard that day and were incredibly effective together, so much so that the Sheppey Crossing crash helped us all to forge closer working processes that are in use today and are constantly being developed. It's one of those career moments I'll never forget.

– KFRS Assistant Director, Martin Adams

The huge emergency service response to the Sheppey Crossing crash involved KFRS, SECAmb, Kent Police and other support services like the Red Cross volunteers, who all rushed to the scene to face an unprecedented scenario.

Told from the points of view of those at the heart of the accident, the documentary uses testimonies from individuals trapped in vehicles, those injured in the incident and the emergency service staff who attended the scene throughout the day.