VIDEO: Special report on the Battle of Jutland - a century on

A century ago thousands of men were preparing to take part in one of the biggest battles of the first world war.

But it wasn't fought on the Western Front - it took place at sea.

Many historians say the Royal Navy's victory at the Battle of Jutland in the North Sea off Denmark secured Britain's eventual victory in the war itself.

Next Tuesday - the 100th anniversary of the battle - ceremonies will take place across the country to remember those who died and we'll be talking to the relatives of some of them.

Richard Jones reports on three ships which survived the battle - one is still afloat, the others have just been discovered on the seabed.

Richard spoke to Dr Julian Whitewright from the Maritime Archaeology Trust and Nick Hewitt from the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

Aerial shots are from the Maritime Archaeology Trust, and the painting is reproduced with permission of Mike Greaves, ASGFA.