Dreamland free to enter from this weekend

Dreamland will be free to enter from this weekend Credit: ITV

Dreamland in Margate will be free to enter from this coming weekend.

The Dreamland Trust is confident that the approach will make the park more accessible to the local community and to visitors.

We hope that a restructured or new operator will also embrace the concept of an amusement park of historic rides, which would create an attraction that is unique in the world, distinctively different to other seaside amusement parks and theme parks in the UK. The current line-up is a firm basis for taking this vision forward, and the Dreamland Trust has always been certain that such an approach, with the right selection of rides and attractions that cater for as wide an audience as possible, will be a viable operation. Nothing that we have seen in the past 12 months, since the park reopened, has changed that view.

– Dreamland Trust