Display fireworks stolen in warehouse raid

Fireworks worth more than a thousand pounds have been stolen from a warehouse in Rye. Many of the items taken are described as high category displays, which are designed to be used by professional operators. Sussex Police are warning people that the powerful fireworks could pose a danger if used in back gardens.

Fireworks stolen Credit: Press Association

We are investigating the burglary, but our main concern is that these explosives may fall into the hands of people who do not know how to use them or appreciate just how dangerous they might be. The fireworks, imported from China, are packaged in plastic bags that are in turn boxed in cardboard cartons sealed with packing tape. The majority of the items are display 'cakes', but there are also mines and candles and any attempt to light them or to throw them into a fire could be extremely dangerous. They are designed to be used on an organised display field with significant safety distances and if used in a domestic setting, such as a back garden, would be very hazardous.

– PC Paul Eastes, Sussex Police
Warning after fireworks stolen Credit: Press Association