Formal apology after 'mistakes made' in rape investigation

Anne-Marie took her own life Credit: ITV

The Royal Military Police (RMP) has formally apologised to the family of Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement for failing to properly investigate the allegation of rape she made two years before taking her own life.

She was found dead at Bulford Barracks in Wiltshire in 2011.

In a statement released today, the RMP – the Army’s internal police force – admits that “mistakes were made” in the investigation and that “Anne-Marie deserved better”.

Anne-Marie was an RMP police officer. In 2009, while serving in Germany, she alleged that she had been raped by two colleagues.

Despite the fact that all involved were RMP staff, her allegation was investigated by the RMP themselves. An Army prosecutor decided no charges would be brought – a decision that devastated Anne-Marie.

Two years later, after suffering bullying – and what the Coroner at her inquest called “work related despair” – she took her own life.