Sprout-eating guinea pigs go viral

They're the internet sensation taking the world by storm, with more than six million video views on Facebook and counting.

The guzzling guinea pigs hail from Finkley Down Farm near Andover in Hampshire, and unlikely many of us, they really, really enjoy eating sprouts.

Some pet owners raised concerns that the guinea pigs may be over-indulging and that the festive vegetables could cause bloating.

However, veterinary staff posted the video with the warning:

"Brussel Sprouts are a treat and should be fed moderation. Here at Finkley we have a large herd of guinea pigs nearly 50 in total - the sprouts in the video are equivalent to one per guinea pig."

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"Are Brussels sprouts okay for guinea pigs?" asked Angie McDonald. " I heard they cause terrible bloating and could be harmful. Is this not true??"

Finkley has responded:

We are aware that brussel sprouts can be difficult for guinea pigs to digest, however, these are safe for them to eat in moderation – something we keep a close eye on to ensure they aren’t getting carried away! Thank you again for your message and concern, it’s great to know that other people care about the guinea pigs as much as we do!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, with best wishes from all the staff at Finkley (and the guinea pigs!).

– Finkley Down Farm