Royal opening for new Thames Valley synagogue

Prince Edward opening the new synagogue and community centre in Maidenhead Credit: ITV Meridian

Prince Edward has given the new Maidenhead synagogue in Berkshire a royal opening.

According to the community's Rabbi, Dr. Romain, it's the first time in British history that a member of the royal family has officially opened a synagogue.

While many regional Jewish communities are dwindling, the Thames Valley is flourishing with over 800 families having membership.

Maidenhead is a 'reform' synagogue, which is open to Jews of all denominations and has congregants coming from across the Thames Valley.

It also opens up to non-Jewish members of the community for interfaith events and lunches for the homeless.

The synagogue is trying to position itself as community hub, rather than just a place of worship.

Our report Sam Holder was at the opening. Watch his report below: