Concerns over Stonehenge tunnel location

Stonehenge Credit: ITV Meridian

Heritage groups say the proposed A303 Stonehenge Tunnel would ease traffic from the historic site and open up more of the landscape to the public.

But Historic England, English Heritage and the National Trust are concerned about proposals for the tunnel's western portal due to its proximity to the Normanton Down barrow group cemetery.

They say it is an important group of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age ceremonial and funerary monuments.

They are calling for a careful and sensitive revision to the positioning and design of the portal.

Senior representatives from all three organisations are expected to meet with Highways England today to discuss the concerns.

The proposed A303 tunnel offers the best opportunity to resolve the traffic problems at Stonehenge and to reverse the environmental damage the present road causes to the World Heritage Site. The proposals could offer enormous gains, by reuniting this extraordinary landscape. While the design and position of the western portal needs improvement, we welcome Highways England's willingness to listen to this. We will provide constructive advice on how this can be achieved."

– Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive of Historic England