Driver took MDMA and crashed into 12 cars

Tadd Sutton tricked an acquaintance and stole their car Credit: Dorset Police

A driver who took the drug MDMA, went on a driving spree in someone else's car and crashed into 12 vehicles before being forcibly stopped by police has been jailed.

Tadd Sutton, 22, from Ardmore Road in Poole was sentenced to 18 months behind bars and handed a five-year driving ban. He didn't even have a valid license.

The drug-driver had been given a lift to a party on Alum Chine beach by somebody he knew. Sutton claimed he'd left his jacket in the car, which was a Chrysler, was given the keys - and then drove off. He collided with another car straight away, giving that driver whiplash.

Sutton then crashed into two parked cars in the car park and drove off toward Poole. Witnesses spotted the vehicle travelling with no lights on and being driven erratically, the court heard.

He then hit a Mazda at a junction, pushing it into the back of a BMW, which then hit a Ford Transit. Without warning, Sutton reversed the Chrysler into the BMW causing it to spin in the road, before he hit the Mazda again and drove off. He also struck a parked Fiat 500 and pushed it into a wall on Poole Road.

Sutton was only stopped after a tactical pursuit by Dorset Police. A drug analysis of his blood found it contained 1135 micrograms of MDMA – the legal limit is 10 micrograms.

This was a terrifying incident for anyone who witnessed or was involved in any of the collisions that evening.

Sutton's actions were reckless and irresponsible. It is a miracle that nobody was seriously injured or killed.

– Police Constable Dave Cotterill, Dorset Police