Man jailed for trying to sexually assault women in underpass

A man from Reading has been jailed for trying to sexually assault two women in an underpass in Reading.

Biat Idriss Deen-Kamara, aged 26, formerly of Granville Road in Reading, was sentenced to five and a half years at Reading Crown Court.

The offences took place in the evening of 30th August last year when Deen-Kamara approached two different women in the underpass on Granville Road, Reading.

He approached the first woman and tried to talk to her but she continued to walk. He then grabbed hold of the victim but she managed to get away.

Around an hour later, Deen-Kamara approached a second woman from behind in the underpass and pulled her to the floor. He attempted to sexually assault her but she managed to stop him.

He ran off but members of the public managed to catch him.

Biat Idriss Deen-Kamara tried to sexually assault two women in an underpass Credit: Thames Valley Police

“On the day of trial, Deen-Kamara pleaded guilty to the serious offences that he had committed. He is an offender who approached two women from behind and attacked them whilst they were on their own, and his sentence has reflected this.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victims for the bravery they have shown during this investigation, and I am pleased they will not have to go through the added ordeal of having to give evidence at court.

“I would also like to thank all those members of the public who apprehended the offender on scene until police arrived, and those who came forward with information during our investigation which ultimately helped us to bring the case to court.”

– Investigating officer Det Con Robert Simpson-Jones