Rush hour on M25 can last 12 hours a day

A new report for the Government has revealed that the rush hour on the M25 can last from 6am to 6pm. The shocking finding has prompted calls for a solution to the problem of increasing traffic on our roads.

The report looked at key routes in the south east. It found that the chaos on the M25 is having an impact on the region's economy. Among the suggestions for improvement are upgrading roads in certain areas and improving railway services.

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Government responds to M25's 12 hour-long rush hour: 'We are investing £15bn on upgrading roads'

The rush hour can last a long time on the M25

A new report commissioned for the Government has found that the 'rush hour' for drivers using the M25 can actually last from 6am to 6pm.

The finding is a surprising one to many, but some transport campaigners say that people who use the M25 already know that there is a lot of traffic on the route.

The Department for Transport says that it is spending a lot of money on improving the south's major routes.

“We are investing £15 billion up to 2020 delivering upgrades to motorways and major A-roads.

“We continue to work on ways to cut congestion and improve journey times on the M25, connecting people with jobs, leisure and culture venues in the area – and providing an important boost to the UK economy.”

– Spokesperson for the Department for Transport

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