Hydrotherapy pool to remain open in Reading

Hydrotherapy facilities at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Credit: ITV Meridian

In January we told you that the campaign to keep Reading's Hydrotherapy pool at the Royal Berkshire Hospital open had gathered pace - with a protest group demanding it remain open.

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust had announced its plans to close the hydrotherapy facilities but it delayed plans in order to take further account of stakeholder views.

The Stakeholder Group, chaired by Reading West MP Alok Sharma, has now committed to the continuation of a hydrotherapy provision.

However, they have yet to decide whether it will remain on the Royal Berkshire Hospital site or go off site.

The Trust has said that there will be no break in the provision even if the service is relocated.

"We are delighted with the announcement that the RBH hydrotherapy service is to continue in the Reading area and pleased that the new Chief Executive Steve McManus has listened to the concerns of patients groups about the value of hydrotherapy for people with disabilities, suffers of chronic pain conditions and those recovering from strokes and other medical symptoms. This welcome news comes as a huge relief to all of us who have battled hard and long to save this important service."

– Stakeholder Group member Kim Seabrook, Chair of Arthritis Matters