Couple find kittens dumped in box with message ‘Pls find us a good home’

Credit: RSPCA

Six tiny kittens have been found, abandoned and dumped in a cardboard box in a Kent car park over the weekend.

A couple had been walking their dog at Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve, in Cuxton, on Sunday morning when they spotted a box with ‘Pls find us a good home’ written on the side. Inside they found six tiny kittens.

Credit: RSPCA

They took the animals to RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre, in West Malling, where a vet checked them over. The kittens were found to be covered in fleas, but otherwise in good health.

The six-week-old tabby and white kittens - now named Arnold, Brittney, Charlie, Justin, Orlando and Sylvester, after film and music stars - are now being cared for in a foster home.

They’re only young so we’ve got them into special foster homes which should help their development.

Then, if they’re not claimed, we can start looking for new homes for all of them which I’m sure won’t be difficult.

– Jane Pook, RSPCA