Ten giant wasps' nests found in loft

A painter and decorator had to call in pest control after finding a number of giant wasps' nests - one more than a metre high - in the loft of a house he was decorating.

Shane Jones, Ridtek Pest Control, shows off the giant wasps' nest Credit: Shane Jones Ridtek Pest Control

I've seen a few big nests in my job but nothing quite as big as this. Most nests are about the size of a football, but this one was more than a meter high.

A queen builds the nest but she dies every year. She lays eggs which are like a lot of princesses and they hatch into Queens around April and then start building their own nests.

That's why there were so many nests in the loft, it was like a sanctuary for wasps. I don't think any one had been up there in years. The house dates from the 1600s.

I was called by a painter and decorator who had been asked to decorate the house near Basingstoke. He'd put his head into the loft and couldn't believe his eyes. There were about ten giant nests up there, but only one of them was active.

We managed to get one down without it breaking. they are very delicate , like giant sacks of air."

– Shane Jones, Pest Control officer
Credit: Shane Jones Ridtek Pest Control