Jail sentences increased for 'barbaric burglars' who tortured couple

Daniel Wallace and Kacey Adams have had their sentences almost doubled Credit: Kent Police

Two "barbaric" burglars who tied up a couple in their home and poured boiling water over their heads have had their sentences almost doubled. In April last year, Kacey Adams, 34, and 33-year-old Daniel Wallace broke in to the bungalow in Halstead, near Sevenoaks, of 66-year-old John Buswell, as he watched TV and his wife Janis, 64, knitted clothes for her expected great-grandchild. The intruders used cable ties to tie up the couple and subjected them to almost two hours of torture to demand the codes to their safes. Both men admitted aggravated burglary and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

They had earlier been found guilty of conspiracy to murder after a man was shot in the face in a revenge attack. At Chelmsford Crown Court in April, Adams of Ilford, and Wallace, of Dagenham, were jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 and a half years before they are eligible to apply for parole.

But at the Court of Appeal in London yesterday three judges increased the minimum term to 23 years. Lady Justice Sharp, sitting with Mr Justice Popplewell and Judge Picton, said it was a "quite exceptional case" and the original sentences did not reflect the extreme gravity of the crimes. The appeal judges also increased the sentence imposed on 25-year-old Edward Dooley for his part in a drive-by shooting in May 2016, which the victim survived but was left with life-changing injuries.

Dooley, of Romford, was given a 16-year sentence for conspiracy to murder but that was replaced with a life sentence with a minimum term of 15 years.