Prime Minister urged to ban sales of 'home doppler' pregnancy monitors

A charity which supports pregnant women and families who experience stillbirths is calling for a ban on over-the-counter sales of 'home dopplers'. The devices allow expectant mothers to monitor their baby's heartbeat.

'Kicks Count' says that the devices can give a false sense of security, and should only be used by trained medical professionals who know how to interpret the data properly.

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Mother urges 'home doppler' ban after losing baby

  • Watch Sam Holder speak with Vicki McNelly

A mother from Reading, who's baby was stillborn, is urging the government to ban the sale of 'home dopplers'.

The devices can be used to listen to the heartbeat of an unborn child.

Vicki McNelly delayed going to a midwife when she used a 'doppler' and heard sounds, believing her baby was alright.

Manufacturers of the devices say they are novelty items and shouldn't be used for medical or diagnostic reasons.

Vicki has joined Surrey charity 'Kicks Count' who are campaigning for the home devices to be banned, as they say it can create a false sense of security for pregnant women.

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