Hospice patients enjoy Harley Davidson experience

Della Heath - Day Hospice patient Credit: St Barnabas House

Patients visiting the St Barnabas House Day Hospice in Worthing enjoyed the experience of a lifetime as they had the opportunity to go for a ride on a Harley Davidson.

The Hogsback Chapter, a Harley Davidson owners’ group, rode down from Guildford to visit the hospice.

Arriving at the St Barnabas House main entrance shortly after 11am, the bikers were given a warm welcome by hospice staff, volunteers and patients.

Patients were offered the opportunity to pose for photos, sit on the motorbikes or even go for a short ride if well enough and physically able to.

Paul Taylor - The Hogsback Chapter Credit: St Barnabas House

Paul Taylor, the lead rider for the Hogsback Chapter on the day, said “It is four years now that we’ve visited. We come this time every year. Hospices have always been close to me because I lost my wife at a hospice.

“It’s nice to come down and supportthe people that are here. It means a lot because I know by experience what itmeans to them and to help them enjoy one day is unbelievable for all of us.”

Staff from St Barnabas House Credit: St Barnabas House

The Day Hospice Team organise events and activities for people visiting the hospice, enabling them to live their lives as fully as possible.

Della Heath, 45, from Sompting has been attending the Day Hospice since January and described the experience of riding a Harley Davidson as “phenomenal”.

She said: “It’s really important to have opportunities like this because it just makes you feel alive. Coming to the hospice isn’t about dying, it’s about making the most of your life before you die and I really did feel alive today, it was really, really good!

“Even those using oxygen are able to have a go and I just think it’s wonderful. You wouldn’t get the opportunity anywhere else so I’m very thankful.

Richard Sampey - Day Hospice patient Credit: St Barnabus House

Hugh Lowson, St Barnabas House Chief Executive, said: “We’re hugely grateful to the Hogsback Chapter for coming down and making the day so perfect. The trips make a world of difference for the Day Hospice patients and special memories.” Over the last 40 years, the hospice has cared for thousands of patients and their families in the areas of Worthing, Adur, Arun and Henfield.