'Nothing relevant' found in search for murder weapon

Police searched the River Stour in West Parley Credit: ITV Meridian

A river search in Dorset for the gun used to kill a businessman has ended with "nothing relevant" found, police say.

61 year old Guy Hedger was shot in the early hours of 30th April at his home in Castlewood in Ashley near Ringwood.

Marine officers searched a section of the River Stour in West Parley after Dorset Police said it had received a tip off the gun was in the area.

Guy Hedger was shot at his home in Ringwood Credit: Dorset Police

It followed a £10,000 Crimestoppers reward for information.

A spokesman for the force said the search had concluded with "nothing relevant to the murder investigation found".

Mr Hedger was at home with his husband when intruders reportedly broke in during the early hours and opened fire with a shotgun.

He later died in hospital.

Police found "nothing relevant" in the River Stour Credit: ITV Meridian