HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth

The UK's newest and biggest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has arrived in Portsmouth. The city will be her permanent home.

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Navy carrier will be 'embodiment of Britain in steel and spirit'

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the "embodiment of Britain in steel and spirit" and will act as a post-Brexit ambassador to the world, the head of the Royal Navy has said.

The carrier programme has brought together the best of British industry, with construction taking place across six cities and involving more than 10,000 people. Credit: PA

"We are gathered to witness another seminal moment in the long history of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

"In the golden years of the second Elizabethan age, a new era of British maritime power is beginning.

"And in 50 years' time, people in Portsmouth will still talk about the day they saw this 65,000-tonne giant arrive for the first time."

– First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones

A total of 3.2 million cubic metres of sediment, equivalent to 1,280 Olympic swimming pools has been removed from the harbour and approach channel, making it wide and deep enough to accommodate the enormous 65,000 tonne ships.

Royal Navy sailors lined up in ceremonial procedure on the flight deck of the mammoth ship, standing alongside civilian colleagues from the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, as she passed the Round Tower. Credit: PA

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