Warning that hospitals will struggle without EU nursing staff

As front line NHS staff gear up to cope with the winter onslaught, it's being warned that a sharp drop in student nurse recruits - combined with plummeting numbers of EU nurses coming to work in the UK could have severe consequences for patients.

The NHS is facing a recruitment crisis, but new nurses are not being attracted to the profession and after the Brexit referendum the number of EU nurses coming here to work - plummeted - a staggering 96 per cent.

In some of the region's healthcare trusts - where more than 1 in every 10 nurses is from the EU - it's warned we could be left short of staff if the doors are closed to nurses from neighbouring countries

Sarah Saunders spoke to Spanish nurse and UNISON rep Joan Pons Laplana; nurse and Royal College of Nursing union rep Ged Swinton; student nurse Hayley Parpworth and Patricia Marquis of the Royal College of Nursing.