Who makes your money? A company in Basingstoke as it happens...

  • Watch Sam Holder report from Basingstoke

If you've ever wondered where one of the new shiny five and ten pound notes come from, the answer is... Basingstoke.

De La Rue are the company responsible for designing and printing the new fivers and tenners for the Bank of England.

It turns out that money is a huge industry.

The manufacturer creates more than a third of all the banknotes worldwide. That means some have to be suitable for extremely high temperatures, some for extremely wet weather and all must have complex security features to stop counterfeiting.

The new ten pound note is made of polymer plastic, just like the five pound note, and features state-of-the art technology. There are a number of holograms, including of Winchester Cathedral (where Jane Austen is buried) and special tactile elements so that people with visual impairments can easily identify the notes.

So next time you hand over a tenner while shopping, you'll know just how intricate the new notes are.