Kent firefighters' Dirty Dancing parody

Dirty Dancing parody sees the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey replaced by watch manager Joanne Gilham and firefighter Nathan Pavey

Two firefighters from Kent have harnessed the magic of Dirty Dancing to drive home the importance of smoke alarms.

They have recreated a scene from the iconic film to remind people to test their smoke alarms. It's already been viewed more than 4000 times on social media.

The pair's performance ends with the famous lift and Jo reaching up to test a smoke alarm.

The video then reminds the audience: "Keep having the time of your life - test your smoke alarm weekly."

This parody is a great deal of fun, but delivers a simple yet serious message about carrying out a quick check every week. This check can make such a difference to the lives of the people we care about and love the most.

"We're not expecting people to do 'The lift' scene from 'Dirty Dancing' to test their smoke alarms, however we really want people to make it part of their weekly activity."

– Ian Thomson, Head of Community Safety at KFRS