Churchill's final painting expected to fetch around £80,000

Credit: Sotherby's

Sir Winston Churchill's final painting will go under the hammer next month.

The former Prime Minister who was born and bred in Oxfordshire, gave the picture to one of his bodyguards, who helped him prepare his easel and paint brushes. Named "The Goldfish Pool at Chartwell" it's expected to fetch around £80,000.

The painting of the goldfish pool at his Chartwell home was Sir Winston's final painting, completed in 1962.

This was his last ever picture. But even more than that, it was the most special place in the world for Churchill, his home in Kent. It looks out on to the most incredible landscape.

And for this great statesman, who takes a lot of credit for winning the Second World War, it is that perfect corner... that is forever England... It was where he always longed to return to and was most relaxed."

It is the view that first captivated him when he bought the house in the early 1920s. And a very special place for him, right until the end of his life, was the goldfish pool.

Towards the end of his life, he had this chair next to it. He would go and sit on it and tap his walking stick and all the goldfish would suddenly spring to life and that's the subject of this painting."

– Frances Christie, head of Sotheby's (auctioneer) modern and post-war British department