Parents warned to not to buy flammable children's Halloween costumes

Credit: PA

Parents are being urged to buy their children's Halloween costumes from responsible retailers.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has been working to develop a new testing standard for the flammability of outfits which means they should burn 300 per cent slower than before.

Companies that have tested to this new standard can display a special label on fancy dress costumes.

Accidents involving children's Halloween costumes can happen very quickly - they only need to come briefly into contact with a candle or other naked flame for disaster to strike.

The potentially-horrific injuries can leave lifelong scars, and not just physical ones. The distress felt by a child and their family and friends in an incident like this is immeasurable.

I'd urge parents to shop with well-known retailers, and double-check all the labelling to ensure that costumes have passed the proper flammability tests."

– Sheila Merrill, public health adviser, RoSPA