Dangerous lorry drivers exposed in shocking footage

Shocking footage released by Highways England shows HGV drivers watching DVDs, reading books, and even boiling a dashboard kettle.

Released as part of a new safety campaign, in a crackdown on over 4,000 drivers caught on England’s roads in the last two years. Videos showing several drivers across the region have been released to the public to highlight the problem.

One driver in Kent was caught watching a DVD, while three drivers from the same company in Hampshire were caught using their phones in one week alone.

More bizarre cases were also recorded, with one driver boiling the kettle on his lorry dashboard in Surrey, and another driver almost took out a police motorcycle while opening a box of toothpaste and squirting it on his toothbrush.

Latest statistics show that mobile phone use is a factor in an average of two deaths on the roads every month, with 124 people losing their lives over the past 5 years.