Former BHS owner found guilty of three charges

Former BHS boss outside Brighton Magistrates Court Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The former owner of British Home Stores, Dominic Chappell, has been found guilty of three charges of failing to provide information about the firm's pension schemes to investigators after the company collapsed - leading to the loss of thousands of jobs.

The four day trial took place at Brighton Magistrates Court.

During the proceedings, Chappell, from Blandford Forum in Dorset, said that he did 'everything and more' to help the Pensions Regulator, but he was convicted under the Pensions Act of 2004.

Tonight this was his reaction to the verdict.

"As you can imagine I'm extremely disappointed and annoyed about the outcome. It's not the one we were looking for.

"I've instructed my legal team to put in an immediate application for an appeal on this case, which we will be doing tomorrow.

"We feel that this case has not been treated fairly and we will look deeply into this."

– Dominic Chappell, Former BHS owner

In John Ryall's report, sent from Brighton Magistrates Court, the interviewees are Dominic Chappell; and Simon Broadhurst, Lead lawyer for the Pensions Regulator.