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Powering down at nuclear power plant

Kent's nuclear power plant, Dungeness B, is closing down one of it's reactors for 12 weeks to carry out a 30-million pound maintenance program.

It will involve 12-thousand pieces of work which are not possible when the reactor is working.

Cameras are used for remote access.

Around 500 extra staff are on the EDF site to help carry out specialist checks, and replace and upgrade materials.

  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, September 2018

Labour's struggles with ant-semitism; the Conservatives attempts to do a deal on Brexit; and the LibDems attempts to get into double digits in the polls. It's been a difficult summer for the political parties - and this autumn looks positively stormy.

To discuss what many suspect will be a momentous Parliamentary session ahead:-

  • Baroness Brinton from Kenardington in Kent
  • Ivor Caplin, the former Labour Hove MP, and
  • Michael Tomlinson, the Tory MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole

And Salisbury ... now the British Government has pinpointed the Russian's involvement, how should we respond?

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