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Drug dealing student spared jail

Student admits selling drugs for over two years

Study finds Manchester's accents are going strong

A new study of the Mancunian accent has looked at the number and range of dialects across the ten boroughs.

UEA leaks sensitive student data in mass email

The University of East Anglia has apologised after highly sensitive student data was accidentally leaked to hundreds of other students.

Doctor's practice worker avoids jail over theft

43-year-old Jacqueline Wylie used her administrative position at the South Hylton Surgery in Sunderland to steal £11,949 for herself.

Liam Gallagher and Johnny Depp to attend Glastonbury

The former Oasis frontman will play The Other Stage and the Hollywood actor will introduce a selection of films at the new drive-in cinema.

North Korea will have Guam strike plan ready 'in days'

North Korea says it will finalise a plan for striking waters close to Guam by mid-August and Kim Jong-Un will decide whether to proceed.

Charlie Gard's dad yells 'evil' as new scan revealed

The terminally ill boy's mother, Connie Yates, burst into tears as a lawyer reveals Charlie's latest brain scan makes for "sad reading".

Locked-in patients 'communicate' through brain study

Reading the thoughts of completely locked-in patients and breaking the first wall of communication, is a huge milestone.

Thousands of new care homes will be needed

Newcastle University research shows thousands of extra care home places will be needed for the growing number of older people.

Thunderbirds are still go

A Gateshead man has helped to bring a series of ‘lost’ Thunderbirds classics back to the small screen, using the original techniques.

Man dies after early morning road collision in Redcar

Liam Hibbins, 26, was struck on the A1085 Coast Road on Sunday morning.

University academic admits to more than 100 sex offences

Matthew Falder pleaded guilty to 137 offences, including blackmailing victims into sending him severe abuse images of themselves.

May attempts to woo youth vote as Tory conference opens

Theresa May will attempt to win over younger voters with announcements on tuition fees and home-buying at the Conservative Party conference.

Five men from Newcastle grooming network jailed

Five men were jailed for a total of 48 and a half years on Thursday for their part in a grooming network operating on Tyneside.

City Airport planes to be directed by digital control

The airport will decommission its traditional tower in 2019.

Honours List: Those nominated in our region

Those nominated for this year's Honours List in the North East and North Yorkshire.

Students warned of 'toxic' risks of mixing alcohol and drugs

The Public Health Agency is warning students of the risk of mixing alcohol and drugs

Dolphins can learn to walk on water from each other, study finds

Scientists observed that dolphins in Australia copied the trick from an animal which had spent time in captivity.

Compulsory language education should be reintroduced, says Brighton College head

Richard Cairns said the ‘sorry decline’ in the number of students studying languages is ‘damaging on so many levels’.

Teenager stabbed during clash between groups of youths

The incident occurred in Overlee Park in Clarkston, East Renfrewshire, on Tuesday evening.