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Wording of proposed assisted dying law on Isle of Man debated

The wording of the Assisted Dying Bill was being debated on Tuesday, on the third day of its clauses stage.

Three people with incurable conditions share views on assisted dying

Lynne Cottignies, James Bedding and Martin O'Neill candidly express their varied views on Jersey's proposed assisted dying law.

Politicians vote to allow assisted dying in Jersey

Jersey politicians have voted 32-14 in favour of a landmark assisted dying law for people with terminal illnesses but rejected "Route 2 - unbearable suffering".

Jersey voted to allow assisted dying so what happens now?

ITV Channel reporter Fred Dimbleby reflects on the historic vote, what it means for Jersey residents and the next steps.

Jersey politicians begin to announce votes in assisted dying debate

Politicians are debating whether to introduce landmark legislation that would, if passed, see assisted dying legalised in Jersey.

Swiss clinic which helped Brit, 47, to die in secret apologises for failures

Forty-seven-year-old Alastair Hamilton told his mother he was flying to Paris last August, but instead travelled to Basel where he took a lethal dose of drugs.

Doctors divided in Jersey's assisted dying debate

Dr Nigel Minihane supports assisted dying for people with a terminal illness, while Dr Andreas Melchior is against a change in the law.

Is the UK any nearer to making assisted dying legal?

Parts of the British Isles are edging towards legalising assisted dying, while it is already allowed in several parts of Europe.

Poll finds majority support assisted dying law change in Jersey

A poll reveals that 61 percent support a law change to give mentally competent, terminally ill residents of Jersey the option of assisted dying.

'They all want to see me dead': Residents clash over assisted dying law

Residents with disabilities and long-term health conditions have shared their opinions on Jersey's proposed assisted dying law as part of a government survey.

Assisted dying bill debated in Isle of Man

Politicians in the Isle of Man continue to debate the assisted dying bill.

Esther Rantzen would choose to die in Jersey if law changes

The 83-year-old veteran broadcaster has terminal lung cancer and told ITV News, "I can't think of a better death but only if Jersey want me".

Mother with terminal cancer doesn't want her daughter to see her suffer

Sophie Blake from Brighton joined cancer patients at Westminster to call for changes in the law as MPs hold a key debate on assisted dying.

MPs debate assisted dying after Dame Esther Rantzen campaign

The 83-year-old journalist and campaigner, who has stage four lung cancer, said she feared for her family if they supported her with assisted dying.

'It's barbaric': Woman with MS calls for change to assisted dying law

Anne Jappie, from Cheltenham, said she can no longer travel to Dignitas in Switzerland unaided but doesn't want her loved ones to be punished for helping her.

How a Swiss clinic helped a British man end his life in secret

Listen to our team of specialist correspondents alongside special guests, bringing you news you can trust on the leading stories from the UK and the world.

Greens vow tax hike on richest in manifesto to 'mend broken Britain'

A tax on multimillionaires and billionaires will be used to fund improvements to health, housing, transport and the green economy, the party said.

Woman whose husband died in unbearable pain backs Scotland's assisted dying bill

"In fact, when the consultant first came to him in the hospice, she said, ‘what can I do for you’ and he said ‘send me to Dignitas’.

Assisted dying: Will potential law in Jersey catalyse nationwide change?

While advocates hail it as a step towards compassionate end of life care, critics have questioned how ethical assisted dying will be in practice.

Assisted dying in Jersey: A step closer to being legalised

If the law is approved, Jersey residents over the age of 18 with either a terminal illness or incurable physical conditions will be eligible.