Bar-brawl MP quits Labour

Disgraced MP Eric Joyce tendered his resignation as a member of the Labour Party today as he apologised to colleagues for a bar brawl in parliament.

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Joyce apology continues

Eric Joyce issued a range of apologies in the House of Commons today; to Mr Andrew and fellow Tory Andrew Percy, who were victims of his violence; to Labour whip Phil Wilson who tried to break up the fight, and to other Tory MPs present that evening.

He also apologised for verbally abusing the police officers who attended. The MP for Falkirk said he would say sorry to his constituents outside the Commons.

Joyce apologises to House of Commons

Eric Joyce MP outside Westminster Magistrates Court on Friday Credit: ITV NEWS

Disgraced MP Eric Joyce apologised to his colleagues in the Labour Party as he tendered his resignation.

He told the House of Commons he "had a number of personal issues to address", adding that his behaviour in Strangers' Bar on February 22 had "fallen egregiously below what is required" by an MP.


Eric Joyce resigns as Labour MP

Labour MP Eric Joyce pleaded guilty to a drunken assault in a parliamentary pub Credit: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Labour MP Eric Joyce has announced he has tendered his resignation from the Labour party as MP for Falkirk, during a statement to the House of Commons.

Joyce pleaded guilty to a drunken assault on four politicians in a parliamentary pub, he was fined £3000 but avoided a jail term.

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