Lawrence police report 'withheld'

A Metropolitan Police report revealing previous corruption by officers investigating the Stephen Lawrence case was withheld from the Lawrence Inquiry, the Guardian newspaper has reported. The officer involved denies he was corrupt.

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Report 'raised questions' about Lawrence commander

Former commander Ray Adams arrives to give evidence to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry in 1998. Credit: Photonews

The investigation, code-named Operation Russell, allegedly raised questions about former commander Ray Adams's conduct before the Lawrence case, the Guardian said.

There was reportedly insufficient evidence to bring criminal charges and Adams told the newspaper this exonerates him and denied any wrongdoing.

Report: Met Police withheld Lawrence police corruption claims

Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death in Eltham, south-east London, in 1993. Credit: Lawrence family

A secret Scotland Yard report detailing questions about the conduct and integrity of a police chief involved in the Stephen Lawrence case was not given to the public inquiry into the killing, the Guardian reported.

Former commander Ray Adams was questioned about corruption by lawyers for the Lawrence family in 1998.

But the newspaper said neither the Lawrence family nor the inquiry panel were given a report by Scotland Yard containing the intelligence and findings of an investigation by its anti-corruption command.

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