£350m nuclear sub upgrade

A £350 million deal to upgrade one of the Royal Navy's nuclear deterrent submarines will secure 2,000 UK jobs, the Defence Secretary will announce later.

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Hammond 'pleased large number of jobs protected' after sub upgrade plans

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond Credit: REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond will announce a £350 million upgrade of the HMS Vengeance tomorrow, he is expected to say:

"As well as securing 2,000 UK jobs, this contract will ensure the nuclear deterrent submarine fleet can continue to operate safely and effectively to maintain a continuous at sea deterrent.

"As we stabilise the defence budget we are increasingly able to commit to equipment projects to safeguard the UK's National Security. Devonport Dockyard is at the heart of maintaining and supporting the Royal Navy and I am pleased that such a large number of jobs will be protected.

"Our White Paper published earlier this year said we would support key sovereign capabilities in British companies that help us to protect our national security and this contract with Babcock is evidence of that commitment."

MoD: Contract is 'testament' to skills of UK workforce

The £350 million contract to upgrade one of the Royal Navy's nuclear missile submarines, safeguarding 2,000 UK jobs, has been called the "final phase" in the "successful programme" of refuelling the fleet.

This contract marks the final phase of what has proved to be a very successful programme of refuelling our fleet of nuclear submarines.

The highly sophisticated nature of the work involved in the deep maintenance of these magnificent vessels is testament to the experience and skills of the workforce here in Devonport and those in the supply chain across the UK."

– Rear Admiral Simon Lister, director of submarines for the MoD


Nuclear submarine upgrade to secure 2,000 UK jobs

The HMS Vengeance will be refitted and refuelled as part of a £350 million contratc Credit: Andrew Linnett/MOD Crown Copyright/PA Wire

A multi-million pound deal to upgrade one of the Royal Navy's nuclear deterrent submarines will secure the future of 2,000 British jobs, the Defence Secretary will announce today.

The £350 million contract to refit and refuel HMS Vengeance will be confirmed by Phillip Hammond during a visit to Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth this morning.

It will sustain more than 1,000 jobs at Babcock in Devonport, Plymouth, and a further 300 at other companies in the city. Such is the scale of the refit that another 700 jobs in the industrial supply chain across the UK will also be sustained.

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