New Cruddas access boasts

Peter Cruddas, the disgraced former Tory party treasurer, claimed to have direct access to Prime Minister David Cameron on at least 13 occasions - even bankrolling a dinner at Chequers, The Sunday Times reports.

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Cameron should 'come clean' over donations

Shadow cabinet office minister Jon Trickett said Mr Cameron now needed to "comes clean" about the full scale of his meetings with wealthy Tory donors:

He needs to establish an independent inquiry immediately so people can have confidence that this matter will be resolved.

This drip, drip of revelations cannot be allowed to continue. We need a full list of all donors met by David Cameron, not just those the Conservatives themselves class as 'significant'.


  1. Emily Morgan: ITV News Reporter

Latest Cruddas accusations are another gift for Labour

This is significant because Downing Street had always insisted that Peter Cruddas was a minor figure - and here he is seen boasting about his closeness to the Prime Minister.

It also adds weight to the accusation that Downing Street hasn't come clean about the numbers of donors the Prime Minister met at Chequers.

Number 10 will insist this is insignificant - but the Labour Party will no doubt jump on this and say that Ed Miliband has been much more transparent about the donors and backers he's had dinner and meetings with.


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