Home Sec heckled by police

The Home Secretary has been heckled by Police Federation members at their conference as she said changes to their pay and conditions were reforms which hard-working police officers should welcome.

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Theresa May: 'There will be more accountability through police and crime commissioners'

Theresa May received a hostile reception at the Police Federation's annual conference. Credit: REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

Asked how she could regain officers' trust, Theresa May said:

"I can only tell them as it is and not as they would like to hear it from me.

"I have to be honest with them about the financial situation, I have to be honest with them about the Government's desire for reform, and I have been.

"This is a deal. There will be more accountability through police and crime commissioners, but we will free you up to do your job. We're delivering on that."

Theresa May: 'Stop pretending the police are being picked on'

Theresa May is addressing the Police Federation annual conference in Bournemouth. Credit: ITV News

The Home Secretary has told the Police Federation annual conference, "we have to get our spending under control."

She was met with groans from the auditorium she insisted that cuts will be 'challenging,' but just as manageable as they are affordable.

"Let's stop pretending the police are being picked on. Every part of the public sector is affected," she said.

"Across the whole public sector we have had to freeze pay. The police pay system is hopelessly out of date."


Police Federation: Theresa May, stop what you're doing

Police Federation Chairman Paul McKeever will tell Theresa May today:

"Home Secretary, we warned you about the riots and you said we were scaremongering.

"We warned you that a 20% budget cut would damage the front line and were told we were wrong.

"We are warning you that you are racing towards a train crash that could destroy the effectiveness of policing in this country and harm the safety of the public.

"Home Secretary - take breath. Stop now, and review what you’re doing or you will be found guilty of destroying the finest police service in the world."

Police Federation: Do not make the same mistakes with policing as with health reforms

Paul McKeever is Chairman of the Police Federation. Credit: ITV News

In a speech at the Police Federation's annual conference today, Chairman Paul McKeever is due to say:

"We are against the establishment of a professional body that sets the service on a course based wholly on academia at the expense of practical skills.

"We have seen other parts of the public sector, such as nursing, move away from technical skills and the core values of that profession appear to have been diminished.

"Home Secretary – do not make the same mistake with policing. It is the type of person we recruit, the training and support we provide, the values we hold and appropriate remuneration and conditions of service that makes a profession.

Home Office: Police must help reduce budget deficit

A Home Office spokesman defended police budget cuts:

"As a service spending some £14 billion a year it is right for the police to make their contribution to reducing the record budget deficit.

"Existing police pay and conditions were designed more than 30 years ago which is why we asked Tom Winsor to carry out his independent review.

"We will continue to ensure that police officers are rewarded for doing an exceptional job."

Police Federation to May: 'You are on the precipice of destroying police service'

Home Secretary Theresa May will address the federation's annual conference in Bournemouth today. Credit: REUTERS/Dominic Lipinski

Paul McKeever, the federation's chairman, is expected to tell Mrs May:

"This is a bad deal for the police service.

"We have less resilience, fewer warranted officers, a weakened front line and a radically altered model of British policing.

"You are on the precipice of destroying a police service that is admired and replicated throughout the world."

"Home Secretary, we are seeing proposals, things being put in place without infrastructure, that will fundamentally change the dynamics of policing.

"You cannot expect officers, those who understood the fiscal situation and accepted that some cuts were necessary, to take an unfair share of the cuts and just sit there and be content with their lot."

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