Jailed drink-drive goalkeeper row

The mother of two boys killed in a car crash caused by former Plymouth goalkeeper Luke McCormick while he was drink-driving has said learning about his move to Swindon Town was "like being hit in the stomach". He is due to be freed next month.

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Swindon Town interim chairman: 'Luke will be training with the team'

A goalkeeper who killed two young brothers while he was drink-driving has been offered an opportunity to train with Swindon Town football club.

The club's interim chairman, Jeremy Wray, said Luke McCormick had been coming to the club on day-release since January and that once he is freed he will be training with the team but nothing more.

He said: "There is absolutely nothing more at this stage. People are getting ahead of themselves."

He added: "Luke is very contrite and full of remorse. He wants to give something back."

Chairman: Swindon move chance for McCormick to 'give something back'

Swindon Town's interim chairman Jeremy Wray said Luke McCormick's move to the club was a chance for the goalkeeper to "give something back".

Our view is that it is very easy to say that it's too difficult a subject to bother with. We debated it and came up with our view. We thought long and hard about it, and it has to be made clear that everybody's thoughts can only go to the family of those two young boys and their father who was badly injured.

Tragedy is a word used too often, but this was a tragedy and it can never be changed. He will live with what has happened every day of his life but he has the chance to give something back, to show the tragedies of drink-driving.


Mother's anger over McCormick's Swindon move

The mother of two children who were killed in a car crash caused by footballer Luke McCormick said it was "like being hit in the stomach" when she heard the goalkeeper would be joining Swindon Town this summer.

It never seems to stop. The minute we think we are getting back on track, we are told something like this. It’s like being hit in the stomach. One of McCormick’s main points in his plea was that he will never play football again - that was obviously completely wrong.

My sons loved playing football and played every day. My husband can’t even kick a ball now either, he struggles to walk. And McCormick’s been playing since January. He was meant to be on day-release doing things to put good back into the community to repay for what he has taken from us. But he is off playing football.

– Amanda Peak speaking to The Sun
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