Protest disrupts Blair evidence

An investigation has been ordered after a protester burst into the Leveson Inquiry as Tony Blair was giving evidence and yelled "this man should be arrested for war crimes." David Lawley-Wakelin said it was "surprisingly easy" to get into the court.

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'Surprisingly easy' for protester to break in to Leveson court

The protester who branded Tony Blair a "war criminal" during an outburst at the Leveson Inquiry has spoken for a second time to radio station LBC 97.3FM to describe how he got in to the court and what happened after he was removed by security:

He said, "it was surprisingly easy really" to get in to the back corridor behind the court, he said he did take five minutes beforehand to consider what would happen to him but, "my beef with Tony Blair is too great to miss the opportunity."


Protester blasted Blair on radio before breaking into Leveson Inquiry

The man arrested over bursting into the Leveson Inquiry to call Tony Blair a war criminal called a radio station just an hour and a half beforehand.

The man, who has told reporters his name is David Lawley-Wakelin, spoke on LBC 97.3 about his anger at the former Prime Minister and accused the British public of "turning a blind-eye."

Saying on air his name was Howard from Acton, he called Mr Blair a war criminal - the same angry claim he made in the Leveson Inquiry less than two hours later. It is an accusation the special envoy to the Middle East has strongly denied.


Blair says personal attacks on his family were wrong

Tony Blair says the personal attacks on his wife and children by, in particular the Mail Group, were "unnecessary and wrong".

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Credit: Reuters

He told the inquiry that if powerful people in some sections of the media decide they are to go after a person and it is "full-on, full-frontal, day in, day out and that is not journalism in my view. That's an abuse of power."

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