Cows star in Olympic opener

London's Olympic stadium will be transformed into the British countryside for the opening ceremony. The man in charge, Director Danny Boyle, says it will even feature real sheep and cows.

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Danny Boyle pays tribute to 10,000 volunteers

Danny Boyle, the artistic director of the Olympic opening ceremony, has paid tribute to the many volunteers who have given up their evenings and weekends to take part in 37 rehearsals:

The best part of telling that story has been working with our 10,000 volunteers. I’ve been astounded by the selfless dedication of the volunteers, they are the purest embodiment of the Olympic spirit and represent the best of who we are as a nation.

Boyle unveils his 'Green and Pleasant' vision

A model of what the Olympic Stadium will look like during the opening ceremony. Credit: Simon Harris/ITV News

Film director Danny Boyle unveiled what the Olympic Stadium will look like during the opening ceremony. The opening scene will be called "Green and Pleasant."

The venue will be transformed to "celebrate the English countryside" and will feature a Glastonbury-style-Tor and fields containing real sheep, cows and horses.

Boyle said he wanted to make people feel like they are watching a live film being made. He also compared the Olympic effort to the war saying the Olympics were "The biggest thing any country does apart from mobilise for war."


  1. Simon Harris, London Tonight Political Correspondent

London 2012 opening ceremony: 'Glastonbury meets the proms'

The man in charge of the London 2012 opening ceremony, Danny Boyle, says the big event will be "elusive" and a "puzzle."

Boyle says the ceremony will combine Glastonbury with the last night of the proms, with one end of the stadium representing Glastonbury's famous Tor.

Real sheep, cows and horses will feature in the show, and music will include tracks by Underworld. Boyle said:

Everyone's paid for this and everyone should benefit.

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