'Sabotage' at Tour de France

There have been claims of sabotage at the Tour de France today as a result of around 30 punctures caused by tacks on the road. Tour organisers said "they were obviously thrown by a spectator".

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Bradley Wiggins: Tour de France truce was 'the honourable thing to do'

Tour de France race leader Bradley Wiggins called a truce to help his rival after tacks were thrown on road Credit: Kevin Quigley/PA Wire

Tour de France race leader Bradley Wiggins has spoken about the truce he called in the peloton to help his rival Cadel Evans, after he suffered a puncture caused by tacks thrown on the road.

He said, "I thought it was the honourable thing to do. Nobody wants to benefit from someone else's misfortune. I thought it was the best thng to do."


Tour de France organiser: 'We don't know who it was. No-one saw anything'

"We don't know who it was. No-one saw anything.

"We've found some of the tacks. They're the kind of tacks you use in mattresses or carpets. They were obviously thrown by a spectator.

"There were around 50 riders together in the front peloton at the top and about 30 of them ended up with punctures. Some of them had three or four nails in their tires.

"We couldn't neutralise it straight away because we didn't know what had happened. Fortunately Sky neutralised the race."

– Jean-Francois Pescheux, competitions director of Tour organisers Amaury Sports Organisation

Sabotage strikes at Tour de France

Sabotage struck the Tour de France today as around 30 punctures were caused by tacks on the road.

At the summit of the Mur de Peguere, the second of two category one climbs on the day's 191-kilometre route from Limoux to Foix, leader Bradley Wiggins and defending champion Cadel Evans were among those to suffer flat tyres.

As Luis-Leon Sanchez won the stage, Wiggins called for the peloton to neutralise their effort to allow Evans to return to the group as they finished more than 18 minutes behind.

It left the top of the general classification unchanged and Wiggins kept the leader's yellow jersey.

The race director confirmed that the riders were hit by the tacks towards the end of an absorbing stage.

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