Romney to meet Israeli leaders

The Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney touched down in Tel Aviv last night as part of a three-nation foreign tour that includes Britain and Poland. He hopes it will boost his credentials to direct US national security and diplomacy.

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Mitt Romney smooths over earlier 'disconcerting' Olympics comments

As Mitt Romney addressed the press in Downing Street, he was asked about his earlier comments about "disconcerting" stories about the UK's readiness for the Olympic Games.

He said:

"I don't know of any Olympics that's ever been able to run without any mistakes whatsoever but they're small.

"I was encouraged to see something that could have represented a real challenge which was immigration and customs, officers on duty; that is something which was resolved and people are all pulling together."

The Prime Minister invites Mitt Romney into Number 10

Prime Minister David Cameron today met the Republican candidate for US president Mitt Romney today Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

David Cameron today met the Republican candidate for US president Mitt Romney during his campaigning and fundraising visit to London.

Mr Romney told the Prime Minister he was inspired by the enthusiasm of the British people who have lined the route of the Olympic torch relay ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremony.

Mr Cameron and Mr Romney shook hands warmly as they began their talks in the White Room of Number 10.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney enters Number 10 Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

Mr Cameron has faced questions over his willingness to have talks with an election candidate - particularly after he refused to meet Francois Hollande, the Socialist challenger and eventual victor in the French presidential election, earlier this year.

At the time, Mr Cameron's official spokesman said the "usual procedure" was for the Prime Minister not to meet candidates in elections in foreign countries.


Cameron praises the 'United Kingdom Games'

Prime Minster David Cameron with LOCOG Chairman Lord Coe during a visit to the Olympic Park. Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

Asked about US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments questioning Britain's readiness to host the Olympics, Mr Cameron said: "Of course, this is a time of some economic difficulty for the UK, everybody knows that.

"But look at what we're capable of achieving as a nation, even at a difficult economic time. Look behind me at this extraordinary Olympic Park built from nothing in seven years. Let me pay tribute by the way to the government that came before mine and the one before that - all played a role in this.

"In terms of the country coming together, I think the torch relay really demonstrates that this is not a London Games, this is not an England Games, this is a United Kingdom Games.

"I think we'll show the whole world not just that we've come together as a United Kingdom, but also we're extremely good at welcoming people from across the world."

Romney: 'unique relationship' exists between Britain and the United States

Romney and Miliband held a brief Q & A session with waiting media before meeting in private.

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he recognised the "unique relationship" which exists between Britain and the United States as he met Labour leader Ed Miliband in Westminster today.

Barack Obama's Republican challenger praised the efforts of Britain's armed forces in the "joint effort" in Afghanistan.

The Labour leader said he was looking forward to discussing a range of issues, including the international economy, Syria and events in the eurozone, adding: "And also our shared commitment to the Boston Red Sox, the baseball team I believe you support."

Romney: 'disconcerting' signs about Britain's readiness for the Olympic games

Prior to Mitt Romney's round of political meetings this morning, the Republican candidate told US television there were "disconcerting" signs about Britain's readiness for the Olympic games.

It's hard to know just how well it will turn out. There are a few things that were disconcerting: the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials, that obviously is not something which is encouraging.

– Mitt Romney, US Presidential Candidate

Mr Romney, who was chief executive of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002 is due to attend the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday.


Mitt Romney meets Tony Blair

Mitt Romney chats with the former Prime Minister in London this morning

Mitt Romney met with Tony Blair this morning at the latter's London office. The pair discussed the weather and which Olympic events they were most looking forward to.

Romney said his goal was to watch at least one Olympic event in London

The Republican candidate will later meet Prime Minister David Cameron inside 10 Downing Street but there will be no handshake for the cameras outside the front door.

Romney distances himself from embarrassing comment

An unnamed adviser said that Romney had a better understanding of "Anglo-Saxon heritage" than Mr Obama Credit: REUTERS/James Glover

Ahead of his meeting at Number 10, US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has already been forced to distance himself from potentially embarrassing comments made at a briefing on US-UK relations on Wednesday.

An unnamed adviser told The Daily Telegraph that Romney had a better understanding of the two countries' "Anglo-Saxon heritage" than Mr Obama, who is of African-American descent. US Vice President Joe Biden called the remarks "disturbing".

Mitt Romney to attend Olympics opening ceremony

US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was chief executive of the 2002 Winter Olympics, will be attending the Olympics opening ceremony during his campaign visit to London.

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann. Credit: Reuters

Mr Romney already has a strong interest in London 2012. Rafalca, the 15-year-old Oldenburg mare co-owned by his wife Ann, has won a spot on the Olympic dressage team.

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