Protesting cyclists bailed

Police say more than 100 were made under the Public Order Act after cyclists taking part in the Critical Mass bike ride broke the conditions of their protest in central London. All were bailed this morning.

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Met Police: 182 arrests over Olympic Park cycle ride

The Metropolitan Police has said today that the number of cyclists held after a 'Critical Mass' ride near the Olympic Park has risen to 182.

Hundreds of cyclists brought part of central London to a standstill on Friday, where scuffles broke out between police and protesters.

Police said those arrested were held over breaching section 12 of the Public Order Act and cyclists ignored warnings about Games Lanes restrictions. Four have been charged with various offences. 178 have been bailed pending further enquiries.


'Critical Mass' bail conditions ban protesters from entering Olympic borough with bike

Slips of paper given to the more than 130 'Critical Mass' cycle protesters arrested last night reveal the conditions of their bail.

None were charged.

  • Not to go within 100 yards of any Olympic venue
  • Not to enter any Olympic-only carriageway, unless that carriageway is open to all traffic at the specific time
  • No to enter the Borough of Newham whilst in possession of a bicycle
  • Not to take part in any activity that disrupts the intended or anticipated official activities of the Olympic games

Police: More than 130 arrested after cycle protests

Police say over 130 protesters were arrested last night and taken to various stations across London.

It did take a while to process them, police said, and agreed with the protester we spoke to who said the ones who arrived at Charing Cross at midnight were brought into station at around 2am.

And police say they are looking into the claim that they were denied a phone call until 10am, but denied they were deliberately slow to stop people attending today.

Critical Mass protester 'not given phone call' for eleven hours after detention

A 'Critical Mass' protester who was arrested after yesterday's demonstrations told ITV News he was unable to make a phone call until 10am this morning because the police station he was in was 'too busy'.

He said around 150 people in total were first kettled, then arrested, put on three buses and taken to Charing Cross police station at 11:45pm.

It wasn't until 2am that they were taken inside the police station.

The protester's account suggests he was not allowed a phone call for about 11 hours after his arrest.

All protesters were bailed this morning without charge, he said.

Cycle protesters 'detained on bus without arrest overnight', claims Occupy

The Occupy London movement has claimed that 20 protesters involved in a cycle demonstration yesterday were held on a bus overnight without arrest.

Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE), a member of the public in police custody is entitled to a phone call and to talk to a lawyer. Occupy claims the group was denied these rights.

Police confirmed that more than 100 people were arrested last night but have not commented on claims that a group were held without arrest on a bus.


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