Seven dead in US shooting

At least seven people, including a gunman, have been killed in a shooting incident at a Sikh temple in the US state of Wisconsin, according to police.

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Indian PM speaks of 'shock and sadness' at Wisconsin attack

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has spoken of his shock and sadness after the gun attack at a Sikh temple in the US state of Wisconsin in which six people were killed.

Mr Singh is himself a member of the Sikh faith.

In a statement he said:

That this senseless act of violence should be targeted at a place of religious worship is particularly painful.

Mr Singh said he hoped authorities would reach out to the victims' families and work to prevent the recurrence of such violent acts.

The Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak Committee, the top Sikh religious body, said it will send a committee to meet Mr Singh and India's ambassador to the US to demand Sikhs be protected from future attacks.

Sikhism in the United States

  • The Sikh faith is the fifth-largest in the world, with more than 30 million followers. It includes belief in one God and that the goal of life is to lead an exemplary existence.
  • The temple in Oak Creek, south of Milwaukee, was founded in October 1997 and has a congregation of 350 to 400 people.
  • There are an estimated 500,000 or more Sikhs in the United States.
  • Since the attacks of September 11, 2001 by Islamist militants, Sikhs have sometimes been confused publicly with Muslims because of their turban headdress and beards.
  • Members of the Milwaukee Sikh community complained to police and a state representative last year about an upturn in robberies and vandalism at Sikh-owned gas stations and stores.


Barack Obama 'deeply saddened' by Sikh temple attack

President Barack Obama said he was "deeply saddened" and pledged his administration's commitment to fully investigate the shooting.

At this difficult time, the people of Oak Creek must know that the American people have them in our thoughts and prayers, and our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were killed and wounded.

As we mourn this loss which took place at a house of worship, we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by Sikhs, who are a part of our broader American family.

– Statement by President Obama

Obama told situation at Sikh temple is 'under control'

President Barack Obama has been told the Sikh temple shooting situation is "under control". Credit: Kerim Okten/PA Archive/Press Association Images

United States President Barack Obama has been told the situation at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin is "under control" after a shooting rampage there on Sunday and the killing by police of the lone gunman.

Security officials briefed Obama about the incident and he later called Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi and the trustee of the Sikh temple, Charanjeet Singh, to express condolences for the lives lost, the White House said.

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